Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Advice #5

Becky asked:
I have an almost 1 (Nov. 2007) year old. What are some activities, fun and educational, that I can do with him? I don't want to spend a lot of money on toys. What are the must have toys?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Advice #4

Where are your favorite places to vacation in the winter months? And what is so fun to do there?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I was missing all the action yesterday from our wonderful SITS girls!!

They did a way cool blogathon and gave out so many excellent prizes. A huge thanks to all those ladies that helped out the SITS girls by donating so many cool things! If you haven't been to this blog yet, you really need to go!

... and that is my bit of advice for the day!!

Advice #3

In the Spirit of the season...

"I am throwing an adult only Halloween Party and I need some fun ideas for the food. What have you guys done or seen in the past?"

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Advice #2

Alright all you cooks! Lets hear what yummy things you can come up with!!

My 13 yr old daughter started showing a real interest in learning to cook last year. She asked if i could teach her to cook so she can learn how to be a good mom. I was flattered she came to me and we started a new segment on our blog called "Cooking with Jordan". it was so much fun. I really enjoyed teaching her how to make some of her favorite meals that i have made for our family. She enjoyed watching the magic of a few simple ingredients turning into something delicious. We started a recipe book filled with pictures of her making the meals, that i hope to help her fill so that she might use it with her children and start the tradition with them. I would love to learn more recipes that are somewhat simple to make but healthy and delicious. So i am curious to know if anyone has some suggestions or a recipe blog that they would recommend to us. here is a link to all of the Cooking with Jordan posts 1-10

I am always in the need of some fun recipes so I am really excited to see what you cook, bake, broil and saute in your homes.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Advice #1

Let's help her out! What would you do??

I work full time for a company that is mostly dominated by men. My boss and I are great friends and we have an awesome working relationship. I am good friends with his cute wife and have really enjoyed getting to know them. We each have an office right next to each other and are in a separate part of the building near the HR director (Scott) and some other head company guys.

Since I am the only girl around the guys like to give me a hard time, in a fun way, but every so often Scott will get out of hand and make “female bashing” comments to try and get me to react.

A little while we (my boss, Scott and I) were talking about a problem Scott knows of about a mom who didn’t like her son dating his girlfriend and how she had insulted his girlfriend in front of a bunch of girls and got emotions all involved. I related a story from when I was younger about how the mom of the guy I was dating didn’t like me and tried to get us to break up and eventually was successful.

The boy I dated went off to college and got into some trouble. The next year I attended the same college and we started dating once again. I told him that I found it funny that during that time, his mom called me and encouraged our relationship and wanted me to “help” her son. Her son ended up making even worse decisions and we eventually broke up for good. The main reason was because I had walked in on him “being intimate” with some girl. Being a good Christian girl, I was devastated. However, I did think it was funny since his mom thought that I had been so "bad" and was I really a saint compared to him... and I am no where near perfect.

I told Scott that things aren’t always what they seem and that when I ran into him a couple years later I asked him why he did that to me and he simply answered “because I respected you and knew you wouldn’t give it up.” I told them that made me feel good about myself and my morals. Scott once again started giving me crap about how girls are emotional and that I was dumb to try to help him. I finally just stopped talking to them and Scott eventually left and went back to work.

At the end of the day, my bosses ride came downstairs to pick him up. I went to school with his sister and he knows me pretty well since we work together. The minute he walked in, Scott immediately said “You should have heard the story Ann told us today about her past. She was telling us how she was giving it up for free…”

I was in my office and heard him so I immediately jumped from my desk to defend myself and said “Excuse me, I didn’t “give it up” that was the problem… quit changing the story,” and went back into my office. Then he yells, “Well if you didn’t give it up for free, how much did it cost him?”

I didn’t say anything. I couldn’t. He was making me out to be something I totally am not and at work in front of people who didn’t even hear the story, which to me is worse. I was upset but just sat there quietly.

My boss was shocked the Scott would say that and said “hey now, that’s not very nice,” and then everyone just sort of walked away and went home.

All of this happened on a Friday and on Monday I was still hurt by it and didn’t go to work until Tuesday afternoon. Since then I have just been in my office and haven't been interacting with the others at work. When Scott comes and stands between out offices and tries to rile me up, I will ignore him or give him a weak smile and not really even look up from my computer. It is awkward for me now and I am not sure what to do.

I loved my job before all of this. Sometimes I would get tired of being picked on, but it wasn’t too bad. Now, each night I dread the next morning and hate the drive to work. I like what I do and I like the rest of the people, but I dread seeing him… and the worst part… remember I said he is HR- Human Resources.

I related the story to my husband and he said “How do you think he would feel if I referred to his wife the way he referred to you?” I could tell he was upset too and he knows that I am hating my work right now even though I love what I do.

Am I making a big deal out of this?

Should I put on my big girl pants and just get over it?

How do you just get over it?

What would you do?

*All names have been changed

Thursday, October 2, 2008

And the posting begins...


Check back tomorrow to offer your advice to our very first question! It is a tough one that deals with working and sexual harassment! Any advice we can give our reader will be greatly appreciated so put your thinking caps on.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


... and you shall receive! I figured out how to make a little blog button using html code for you to copy and add to your blog! YEAH!! Here is your code:

Take it and use it A Lot!!

Also, remember to get your questions in to me! Truth be told, since I am such a young blog not to many people are submitting their questions and I NEED them!! Don't be shy... as I browse around I see people everywhere asking questions but not getting any answers! Let's help them out!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Spead the Word!!

Alright ladies!! I have received some really good questions and I am working on getting everything ready for the first advice post. In the meantime, I need your help! I need you to help me spread the word about this new site! Please, please, please tell everyone you know about it! I really want to get excellent advice for all our questions and I know that the more people know about it, the more great advice we will get! It really is to benefit us ALL!! So, please take my cute little picture:

And add it to your side bar with a link back here! If you are feeling extra helpful a little post to all your readers telling them to do the same would be great as well! I know you know people in dire need of some really good advice or people who are awesome at giving some really good advice... send them over here so we can inspire each other.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thanks SITStas

Thanks to the cute ladies over at "The Secret is in the Sauce" for helping to spread the word of my new site!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Launch Time

Charlie is always accepting new emails from all her readers and now is the best time to get them in since she will be launching her first post in a few days! Have a burning question? Don't know how to deal with your neighbor? Need ideas for dinner? Let's ask the rest of the readers and see what they think!

How This Site Works

As we go throughout our lives we encounter different circumstances that leave us asking “what should I do?” Just as our lives differ, so does the inspiration that we receive. Some questions we have are easily answered such as “what should I make for dinner?” or “how do I potty train my child?” and result in fun, creative ideas. Other questions are harder to ask, such as “how do I help a struggling family member?” or “how do I cope with the loss of a loved one?”

As life travels on, we have each gone through different experiences and have each learned something to be applied to our lives as well as inspire someone else.

Each of us have different personalities and different circumstances, some may find it easy to look for advice while others may have a hard time expressing themselves, especially depending on the advice needed. Some may have a burning question but know they can’t ask it on their site for some reason or another. This is where “Inspired by Each Other” comes to the rescue! Share your questions, concerns, rants and raves, hopes and dreams- and mostly your advice with us!

Here is how it works:

  • Decide that you need some advice and inspiration.
  • E-mail me your questions, concerns, rants and raves, hopes and dreams so I can post them! Please don’t be afraid to share a little bit of background. The more information we know the better we can help! When posting your e-mail to me, I will only use your first name but if you would like to be totally anonymous, please let me know.
  • Get your confirmation for your “Day of Inspiration”
  • Check back often and offer your knowledge and experience to others who are in need of a little inspiring!

If you have something fabulous to say but feel a little shy about posting your comment- comment anonymously. You never know when you will say something that will leave a huge impact on someone and inspire someone else for the better!